What makes it unique

A Comprehensive Framework

The ConneXions Model of Healthy Leader Development is a comprehensive framework that describes how Jesus, Paul, and other early church leaders invested intentionally and holistically in the lives of other people to build them into effective and fruitful leaders.

Thoroughly Tested

Developed over two decades by Malcolm Webber, Ph.D., ConneXions is used extensively as a leader development paradigm in churches, church movements, and church-planting ministries in many nations.

Wide-Ranging Evaluation

The 5C Checkpoint™ provides a holistic and wide-ranging evaluation of every aspect of a leader’s life and ministry; thus the indicators are divided into five sets (one set for each "C").

What it is founded on


A healthy Christian leader knows God.


A healthy Christian leader lives in supportive and accountable community.


A healthy Christian leader has integrity.


A healthy Christian leader knows the purpose of God and presents it with credibility, clarity and passion.


A healthy Christian leader has the necessary gifts, skills and knowledge to lead the people in the accomplishment of this purpose.

How it develops leaders

Biblically Based

The 5C CheckPoint™ is based on biblically-based indicators of leadership health that address spiritual, relational, character, vision, and competency aspects of a leader's life.

Identify Growth Opportunities

The 5C CheckPoint’s survey is extremely useful for anyone to evaluate themselves. Using 5C CheckPoint Personal, you can clearly see areas of strength in your life, as well as opportunities for growth and improvement.

Multiple Raters

With 5C CheckPoint 360° Plus, the quality and strength of the evaluation is significantly increased with the addition of multiple raters for each participant. In addition to self-evaluation, each participant is evaluated by a number of friends, family, teammates, ministry associates, etc., resulting in a very clear and honest assessment of his or her leadership health.

Open-Ended Questions

In addition to indicators, numerous open-ended questions are included to provide raters with the opportunity to clearly share their thoughts about the participant's strengths and areas for improvement. All survey responses are anonymous and confidential.

Assess Effectiveness

The 5C CheckPoint™ also provides a unique way to assess the effectiveness of leader development programs, training programs, and personal growth programs. You can use the CheckPoint at the start of a program to establish a baseline for the participants, and then use it again at the end of the training. You can assess the changes in the lives and ministries of the participants, providing valuable insight as to the effectiveness of the program or training.